Memorial fountain
Battle of Lumbridge memorial
Release date 13 November 2013 (Update)
Members No
Quest No
Location South of Lumbridge Fishing Supplies
Examine A fountain to the fallen of Lumbridge erected in one day during the Lumbridge Rebuildathon.

The memorial fountain was built as part of the Lumbridge Rebuildathon event for the heroes of Lumbridge who fell during the Battle of Lumbridge. The memorial is in the form of a fountain, and it provides water to fill vessels (such as buckets and vials). It is located south of the Lumbridge Fishing Supplies, the Fishing shop owned by Hank.

On 2 November during the Lumbridge Rebuildathon and the RuneFest 2013 events, a new memorial for the fallen combatants of the Battle of Lumbridge was being built in Lumbridge. This memorial was a chance for RuneFesters and in-game players to collaborate. It was announced that if the memorial was not completed by the end of 2 November, then it would remain incomplete. It is assumed the apparent lack of movement in the progress meter was indicative of a glitch.

Until the thirteenth of November, a memorial tent was located next to Foreman George, and upon inspecting it, a message stated the memorial is being "built away from prying eyes" under the tent. Resources in the form of reclaimed stones could be deposited to Builder Bob, right outside the memorial tent. The contribution of the memorial was shown as a progress meter on the status board, which remained at 0% the entire day. Contributing to the memorial yielded more contribution points, to a maximum of 1,500 in addition to the daily limit, and thus more XP.

On 13 November, the memorial was unveiled to be a fountain.



  • With the release of Ashdale on 26 November 2013, a glitch occurred causing the memorial fountain to revert to its unbuilt state.

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