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For the shattered crystal, see Shattered memoriam crystal.

Memoriam crystals are items found in Prifddinas and Freneskae which can be used to view memories of Zaros and Seren. To view the memories, the player must turn the crystals in to their respective memoriam device. Crystals found on Freneskae are to be turned in to the Memoriam device (Freneskae) and crystals found in Prifddinas are to be turned in to the Memoriam device (Prifddinas). There are 16 crystals that can be found in each location which contribute to memories. A 17th crystal found in Prifddinas is used in the unlocking of the [Name] the Troublesome title. Turning in the Memoriam crystals is one of the requirements needed to wear both the Master quest cape and the Completionist cape.

Freneskae crystal locations

The memoriam device in Zaros' Sanctum on Freneskae

Twelve of the crystals found on Freneskae will unlock memories about Zaros and four of the memories found on Freneskae will unlock memories about Seren. Finding all 12 Zarosian crystals unlocks the Helm of Zaros and finding all 4 Serenic crystals unlocks the Crest of Seren. When activating the device after placing all twelve of the Zarosian crystals, the east wall reveals a hidden room. Clicking on this will unlock the Helm of Zaros. When activating the device after placing all four Serenic crystals, the same process occurs with the Western wall.

Zaros' Memories

Memoriam crystal z01 detail.png
Memoriam crystal (z).png Location
z01 From the entrance, jump from ledge twice, take the left (north) branch and cross a rock formation. It will be found on the right before reaching the first healing point.
z02 From the entrance, jump from ledge twice, take the right (south) branch and climb the cliffside. The crystal is a short distance along the passage, on the left.
z03 The Cradle (can only be reached after the quest has been completed.)
z04 From the first healing point, go north, cross the stepping stones and climb the cliffside. Go east and go down the drop.
z05 From the first healing point, go north, cross the stepping stones and climb the cliffside. Go east and north and cross the overhang then climb down the cliffside. It will be found to the north at a dead end.
z06 From the location of z07, back out of the dead end and take the south branch. Climb a rock formation, go west and walk across another rock formation. Climb down the cliffside, go west and find the crystal among the lava vents. (It is just west of the second healing point).
z07 Enter the Approach from the Sanctum. Go north and traverse a rock formation, then go west and north into a dead end.
z08 Enter the Approach from the Sanctum. Go south and squeeze through a crevice to the east.
z09 Enter the Approach. From the entrance, go west and north, at a dead-end.
z10 The Pit, through the exit doors.
z11 The Sanctum.
z12 The Elder Halls, near the end of the southeast passage.
Freneskae map.png

Seren's Memories

Memoriam crystal s01 detail.png

The four Seren crystals can be found in a special area in the Approach which cannot be reached until Fate of the Gods has been completed, since a bridge is formed when a pillar is knocked over by Mah's awakening.

Quick path to the Seren's Memorial crystals:

  • Start in the Sanctum, exit south into The Approach;
  • North, traverse the rock formation bridging a lavafall;
  • West, south, climb rock formation with black spikes;
  • West, walk across rock formation with purple healing crystals and climb down the Cliffside;
  • East, cross rock bridge into the area with crystal pillars.

You will be in an area with four pillars and four inactive crystals. One of the pillars will be active, and can be tagged. Tagging 80 active pillars will unlock all four crystals.

Note: Leaving the area in any way (crossing the bridge, dying, logging out, or teleporting) will reset the count, but not the retrieved crystals.

The frequency of lightning strikes increase as more crystals are tagged: it is recommended to take plenty of food, and possibly a beast of burden. Consider wearing tank armour and using health boosts, defenders and Leviathan rings also have a chance to negate some of the damage taken. Having the Distorted engrammeter in your inventory also reduces damage taken from lightning strikes.

Once all crystals have been unlocked, be sure to retrieve them from the stand in the eastern corner. Upon depositing the four crystals at the Sanctum, a storage area will open. Searching the storage will reveal the Crest of Seren and unlock it as a cosmetic override in the head slot.

Prifddinas crystal locations

The memoriam device in the Tower of Voices in Prifddinas

Eight crystals were released with the first half of the city on 22 September 2014, and nine other crystals were released with the second half on 10 November 2014. All the Memoriam crystals can be stored in the Memoriam device upstairs in the Tower of Voices, except the Memoriam crystal (unknown) which is used to unlock the [Name] the Troublesome title and also produces a shattered memoriam crystal when used on the Memoriam device.

Memoriam crystal.png District Location
01 Iorwerth Clan.png West of Morvran in Iorwerth Clan district, in front of the house you can't enter.
02 Crwys Clan.png The house east of the Elder tree patch in Crwys Clan district, on the south side.
03 Trahaearn Clan.png Inside the Trahaearn Clan Tower with the Trahaearn herald.
04 Cadarn Clan.png Inside Haf's Battlestaves shop, in the Cadarn Clan district.
05 Cadarn Clan.png Pickpocketed from Arianwyn near the Cadarn herald. (Use Exoskeleton set if you fail)
06 Iorwerth Clan.png Speak to Lord Iorwerth, near the Iorwerth prayer altar, and ask him about Clan Iorwerth. You will get the crystal when the world gate is mentioned. Requires completion of Fate of the Gods.
07 Trahaearn Clan.png In the building south of the Seren Stone rocks; search the crate on the west side of the building.
08 Crwys Clan.png Plant a bush in the bush patch, just east of the Crwys bankchest, then Check Health once it has grown.
09 Hefin Clan.png In the Hefin Cathedral south of the Corrupted Seren Stone.
10 Ithell Clan.png In the harp building on the south-west side of the Ithell Clan district.
11 Amlodd Clan.png In Daffyd's house at the north-west edge of the Amlodd Clan district.
12 Meilyr Clan.png In Lady Meilyr's house in the north-east corner of the Meilyr Clan district.
13 Hefin Clan.png Use one of the emotes awarded from the Hefin Agility Course near the serenity posts. Requires level 77 Agility
14 Ithell Clan.png Collect a bucket of sand from the sandpit in the southern side of the Ithell clan district while only having 10 or more empty buckets in your inventory. If you have anything else in your inventory you will not receive this Memoriam Crystal
15 Amlodd Clan.png Teleport to the fairy ring in Prifddinas (DJS). Requires partial completion of Fairy Tale Part II.
16 Meilyr Clan.png Harvest moss from a Harmony pillar while under the effect of a perfect juju farming potion, with a fruit tree fully grown in the Meilyr district. Requires level 75 Farming.
(unknown) Meilyr Clan.png Near the bank chest in the Meilyr Clan district behind one of the Harmony pillars while wearing a Clan Crwys cape and having three cooking apples and three chocolate bars in the player's inventory.
Memoriam crystals (Prifddinas) map.png


  • Players can put found crystals into the memoriam device to save bank space, even if all crystals have not been found.