Memoriam crystal 08 detail

The memoriam crystal 08 is a memoriam crystal found within Prifddinas. It is found by planting a bush in the bush patch, just east of the Crwys bankchest, then checking its health once it is fully grown.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Memoriam crystal 08.


Thankfully, upon our arrival, my elves embraced Gielinor, recognising its perfect beauty. The elves chose a lush forest as their new home, and I instructed them to build a new city. I left Haluned with them so they would not suffer while I set out to explore this world with Guthix. Guthix showed me much of what he had discovered and done. All the while I was looking for sign of the elders, but to no avail. But then Guthix showed me how their magic was all around us. He had wrought strange stones, infused them with the world's latent power, that could be used to wield the strange elements and work wonders. It was a magic far beneath anything Guthix or I could muster, but it was magic nonetheless, and its origin was clear. My elves came to understand magic through their connection with me, but Guthix's humans literally plucked magic from the ground. As I cannot find the elders, then these runes are my best chance. I must study the source of their power, for within it I feel will be a solution.
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