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Memories are items harvested from springs using the Divination skill. They can be converted into experience or energy of the corresponding type by depositing them into an energy rift near any wisp colony. Players converting both memories and energy into an enhanced amound of experience require the same type of memory and energy in order to do so.

To gather memories, players must activate wisps and harvest the resulting springs at a wisp colony. Doing so will yield a certain amount of Divination experience, depending on their tier. This experience will still be awarded if a player does not harvest a memory, but only energy.

While harvesting memories, players may harvest an enriched memory. These variants will grant double the harvesting and depositing experience of a normal memory. The amount of enriched memories a player harvests increases with their Divination level. Every 20 minutes, an enriched spring will appear at every wisp colony, which will only yield enriched memories (and hence double harvesting experience) when harvested. If a player is one of the first four to harvest from it, any normal memories they have in their inventory may be absorbed by the spring to prolong its duration.

Types of memories

The following memory types can be harvested:

Level Memory XP[1] Enriched memory XP[1]
1 Pale memory Pale memory 3 N/A N/A N/A
1 Cursed memory Cursed memory Varies Enriched cursed memory Enriched cursed memory Varies
10 Flickering memory Flickering memory 4 Enriched flickering memory Enriched flickering memory 8
20 Bright memory Bright memory 5 Enriched bright memory Enriched bright memory 10
30 Glowing memory Glowing memory 7 Enriched glowing memory Enriched glowing memory 14
40 Sparkling memory Sparkling memory 12 Enriched sparkling memory Enriched sparkling memory 24
50 Gleaming memory Gleaming memory 19 Enriched gleaming memory Enriched gleaming memory 38
60 Vibrant memory Vibrant memory 25 Enriched vibrant memory Enriched vibrant memory 50
70 Lustrous memory Lustrous memory 32 Enriched lustrous memory Enriched lustrous memory 64
75 Elder memory Elder memory 33.5 Enriched elder memory Enriched elder memory 67
80 Brilliant memory Brilliant memory 35 Enriched brilliant memory Enriched brilliant memory 70
85 Radiant memory Radiant memory 38 Enriched radiant memory Enriched radiant memory 76
90 Luminous memory Luminous memory 42 Enriched luminous memory Enriched luminous memory 84
95 Incandescent memory Incandescent memory 45 Enriched incandescent memory Enriched incandescent memory 90
  1. ^ a b Number listed is experience given when memory is converted without using energy

Other memories

Level Memory Use
40 Dragonkin memory Dragonkin memory Harvested from protoplasmic wisps during One of a Kind
75 Mah memory Mah memory Converted into Mah energy during Fate of the Gods
90 Positive energy Positive energy Harvested from positive energy springs in the Arc
90 Negative energy Negative energy Harvested from negative energy springs in the Arc
95 Ancestral energy Ancestral energy Harvested from ancestral energy springs on Uncharted Isles
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