The Menagerie is a room in a player-owned house where players can let their pets live. Building a Menagerie requires level 37 Construction and 30,000 coins. Players may only build one, but players can move it, which costs the same amount as it would to build it. The move option is triggered by trying to build a second Menagerie. If moving a menagerie with pets still stored in the pet house, the pets will not be lost. A menagerie can house a maximum of three, six, fifteen, or twenty-five pets, depending upon what kind of pet feeders and pet houses are built there.

The Menagerie can only be built on the ground level.

All types of pets can be kept in Menageries and can roam around players' houses. Players can put them in the shelter and they will run around the house. Pets must be fully grown to be placed in a shelter. Players can change the basic look of the Menagerie by changing the habitat. Players can also recharge their Summoning points if they've built an obelisk in the available hotspot.

There are 4 types of hotspots available:

  • Small obelisk - Gives players an option to recharge their summoning points.
  • Pet house - Holds any full grown pets the player has.
  • Pet feeder - Feeds any hungry pets that a player has in their inventory.
  • Habitat - The basic look and scenery of the Menagerie.


Obelisk Level Materials Experience Cost
Small obelisk (POH) Small obelisk 41 1 marble block, 1000 spirit shards, 10 gold charms, 10 green charms, 10 crimson charms, 10 blue charms 676 340,353

The small obelisk will change its glow depending on what the menagerie theme is. E.g. Volcanic habitat it will have an orange glow rather than the green glow of a garden habitat.

Pet feeder

The pet feeder is designed to provide as much food as the pets need, so the player does not need to worry that any pets in their menagerie will go wandering off. It also can be used to feed any hungry pets in the inventory, as well as the one following the player, all at the same time.

It is built in upgrades - one must build the previous feeder before a higher level one can be build.

The pet feeder is highly useful for a cheap way to feed the player's pets, especially higher level pets such as baby dragon which require expensive food to feed.

Pet feeder Level Materials Experience Upgrade cost Total cost Pets supported
Oak pet feeder Oak pet feeder 37 4 oak planks 240 2,224 2,224 3
Teak pet feeder Teak pet feeder 52 4 teak planks (plus 4 oak planks) 380 1,488 3,712 6
Mahogany pet feeder Mahogany pet feeder 67 4 mahogany planks, 1 gold leaf (plus 4 oak planks and 4 teak planks) 880 140,922 144,634 30

Pet house

The pet house is used for storing pets in one's house, even when logged out. If the pets are left here, they will walk around the house. The pet house (as well as the pet feeder) is built in upgrades - one must build the previous model before the next higher model can be build. An equivalent pet feeder is also required before the pet house will hold its full complement of pets.

All Summoning-related fully grown pets, plus rune guardians and cats can live here. Baby pets cannot live in the house. Some pets which do not have a grown version, like the phoenix egglings and the Broav, can be stored in the pet house.

Pet house Level Materials Experience Upgrade cost Total cost Limit
Oak pet house Oak pet house 37 4 oak planks 240 2,224 2,224 3 pets
Teak pet house Teak pet house 52 4 teak planks 380 1,488 3,712 10 pets
Mahogany pet house Mahogany pet house 67 4 mahogany planks 580 5,284 8,996 15 pets
Consecrated pet house Consecrated pet house 92 4 mahogany planks, 1 magic stone 1580 978,050 987,046 30 pets
Desecrated pet house Desecrated pet house 92 4 mahogany planks, 1 magic stone 1580 978,050 987,046 30 pets
Natural pet house Natural pet house 92 4 mahogany planks, 1 magic stone 1580 978,050 987,046 30 pets


Habitat Level Materials Experience Cost
Garden habitat Garden habitat 37 1 bagged plant 1, 1 bagged plant 2, 1 bagged plant 3 201 16,000
Jungle habitat Jungle habitat 47 5 buckets of water, 3 bagged plant 3, 1 bagged willow tree 278 40,590
Desert habitat Desert habitat 57 10 buckets of sand, 5 limestone bricks, 1 bagged cactus 238 22,940
Polar habitat Polar habitat 67 1000 air runes, 1000 water runes, 1 bagged evergreen 373 160,000
Volcanic habitat Volcanic habitat* 77 100 lava runes (a lava battlestaff will not work), 5 stone slabs, 1 bagged dead tree 77 97,600

The Volcanic habitat also requires the TokTz-Ket-Dill quest to be partially complete in order to obtain the untradeable stone slabs.

Complete menagerie

Building all the highest level items will take 8 oak planks, 8 teak planks, 12 mahogany planks, 1 marble block, 1 gold leaf, 1 magic stone, 1000 spirit shards and 100 lava runes, with a value on the GE of 1,572,999 coins. It will also require 1 bagged dead tree, 5 stone slabs and 10 of each colour charm, which are all untradeable (information on how to get these can be found on the item pages).


All pets, both those that are items and those stored in the interface can be stored. The only pets that cannot be stored are item pets that are not in their final growth stage. Any growth stage of legendary pets can be stored. Non-item pets can be be stored by checking the "appear in menagerie" option in the customisations tab.



  • Some pets seem to show up on the minimap as an NPC; most other pets don't show up on the minimap, but still count as NPCs.
  • When moving regular cats in and out of the pet house, players get the message: "Your pet clambers into the pet house/You take your pet out of the menagerie." Overgrown cats, however, have their messages as: "It's a tight fit, but your overgrown cat squeezes into the pet house/With a lot of strain, you take your overgrown cat out of the menagerie." Similarly Wily cats will say: "Your wily cat jumps into the pet house!/Your wily cat jumps out of the menagerie!" While with Lazy cats will say: "Your lazy cat flops into the pet house./You wake your lazy cat up, and take it out of the menagerie... ...and it falls asleep again in your pack."
  • With the Menagerie update came a hidden update that allows players to move one-of-a-kind rooms, such as the Menagerie and Costume Room.
  • Before a patch, the Construction Guide obtained from an Estate Agent or the bookshelves of a POH didn't have any categories about the Menagerie Room.
  • In the update on 2 September 2009 some changes were made to the menagerie, players could talk to pets who were roaming around their house, and clicking on the feeder fed pets who were following them at the time. In addition, pet fish, pet rocks, and clockwork cats were added to the list of pets allowed to be kept in the menagerie.
  • If a pet rock is dropped in one's Menagerie Room, it will stay there, taking less space in the pet house. It will also appear as a red dot on the minimap.
  • Even when a polar habitat is built, the player's pet penguin may complain that it is too warm, even when standing in the menagerie. It also won't slide, like it does on snow elsewhere.
  • Stationary pets like pet rocks and pet fish do not move from their location while the player is in the house. If the player leaves and comes back later, they sometimes will be in different places, suggesting that they somehow managed to move while the player was gone.
  • The type of habitat does not affect the pet. For example, a penguin can live in a volcanic habitat.
  • When accompanied by a pet, and clicking on the pet feeder, it says "Your pets all eat as much they can stomach." If that pet is a lazy cat, the message instead reads "Your lazy cat pokes disinterestedly at the food, then falls asleep in your pack."
  • Pets disappear in building mode and reappear when building mode is turned off.
  • If the player has more than one of the same type of pet in their pet house and one or more in their bank or inventory, players will get the message "You will have to place the other pet in their menagerie or release it to take this pet with you." when trying to take it out. To get one of that type of pet out of the pet house, players need to put all of them in the pet house first and then one can be taken out and only one of them can be taken out at a time. To remove them all from the pet house the player has to remove one from the pet house, release it and then remove another one and release it until they were all released except the last one so that the player only has one of those types of pets. Only then the last of that type of pet can be removed from the pet house leaving the player with only one of those types of pets.
  • This is the only room (not including the empty spaces) in which fruitfall can be cast. When trying to do so in a formal garden or garden, it says that the player is inside - even though the gardens are outside.
  • When putting a pet rock into one's Menagerie it says "You settle your pet rock into its new home!", while on the other pets it says "Your *pet* jumps into the pet house!"
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