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Menaphite thugs can be found at the southern end of Pollnivneach. They are constantly at war with the Bandits. They are commonly used by players to train the Thieving skill because upon completion of The Feud quest players may use a blackjack to knock them out and then pickpocket them. This requires a Thieving level of 65 or higher, and grants 137.5 experience per successful pickpocket. If done right, over 200,000 thieving experience per hour can be gained this way, even at 65 thieving, and over 250,000 experience per hour is possible at higher thieving.

To do this, knock one out with a maple blackjack (best chance) and pickpocket twice. Then knock him out again and steal again. Keep repeating this on the same Menaphite thug. If you fail the knock-out, immediately re-attempt it. You can thus attempt several knock-outs in a row, with every failed know-out costing 4 HP, which means that it's possible (although rare) to lose 12-16 HP very quickly (3 or 4 failed knock-outs in a row).

Although this may take around 25 hours to go from level 65 to level 91 thieving, which may be boring for some people, Pyramid Plunder is hugely slower before 91 thieving and likely would take around 40 hours to gain the same xp. KO and pickpocketing once from 65-91 would earn the player about 2.2 million coins. From 65 to 99 thieving, the player would earn about 5.1m. For 1 KO to 2 Pickpockets, the player earns about 2.3m from 65-91, and 5.3 m for 65-99.




  • When pickpocketed, 60 coins
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