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Menaphos journal detail

The Menaphos journal is a book given by Assistant Librarian Subotai in Menaphos, near Grand Vizier Ehsan's residence, after The Jack of Spades has been completed. It allows one to collect the Jewels of the Elid and find the Cats of Menaphos and Insects of the Desert after obtaining the journal. Possessing the journal is required to find and to register them. However, it is not required to have the journal in the inventory or pocket slot to register them.

Completing the collections from the journal is required for the Sandy [Name] title.


The journal has a right-click teleport option that can be used to teleport to:

It can also remotely access any district teletabs stored in the bank. Reaching tier 4 reputation in a district unlocks the ability to make that district's teletab in a player-owned house.

Insects of the Desert

Main article: Insects of the Desert

Insects of the Desert is a collection of insects that can be collected by doing some activities within Menaphos, such as woodcutting Acadia trees, mining Sandstone, hunting Plover birds and training Thieving. Finding and registring all 16 insects completes the All Abuzz achievement.

Jewels of the Elid

Main article: Jewels of the Elid

Jewels of the Elid is a collection of gems that can be collected inside Menaphos and Sophanem. Some gems can be collected by training, much like the Insects, and others are locked behind time-based doors. Finding and registring all 16 jewels completes the Rock and Roll achievement.

Cats of Menaphos

Main article: Cats of Menaphos

Cats of Menaphos is a collection of cats that can be pet in Menaphos. Some cats are locked behind quests and some others are locked behind time-based doors, just like the Jewels of Elid. Finding and registring all 16 cats completes the Feline Good achievement.

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