Menaphos worker district mining site
Menaphos worker district mine
Release date 5 June 2017 (Update)
Also known as Concentrated sandstone mine
Location Menaphos Worker district
Members Yes
Rocks 4 Clay rocks
3 Concentrated sandstone rocks
Monsters None
Requirements The Jack of Spades
Main music Unknown edit
Concentrated sandstone rocks location

The Menaphos worker district mining site is a mid-level mining site located in the Worker district of Menaphos. The mine contains 3 Concentrated sandstone rocks and 4 clay rocks.

This mine is good for power mining because the concentrated sandstone has a "drop" left click action, so the ores can easily be placed on the action bar and dropped quickly without interrupting mining.

The Menaphite honey bee in amber can be found while mining here for the Insects of the Desert activity.

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