This article is about the 2019 event. For the 2018 event, see Mental Health Awareness Week (2018).
Mental Health Awareness Week
Release date 7 October 2019 (Update)
End date 13 October 2019 (Update unknown) edit
Reward Plushie, cosmetic overrides, pets
Head developer Unknown edit
Preceded by Breaking the Storm
Succeeded by N/A
Mental Health Awareness Week button
Mental Health Awareness Week is a time-limited charity event that started on 7 October 2019. It is nearly identical to the 2018 event of the same name. During this event, the player gathers charity tokens for Lau'Ra, Kal, and Zoed, found north of the Lumbridge Crater.

During the event, players are greeted with one of the following login announcements:

  • Head to the north of Lumbridge Crater now in order to assist the charity representatives in Gielinor.
  • Representatives from CPSL Mind, The Prince's Trust and You Are RAD require your help - head to the north Lumbridge crater now!

Event noticeboards and the event interface can be used to teleport north of the Lumbridge Crater for the duration of the event.


All proceeds from purchasing the Defender of the Mind outfit, Defender of the Mind Cape, Warden of the Mind outfit, Warden of the Mind Cape, Angelic Inari pet, Scoop pet, Percy pet, and RuneCoins in the reward shop are donated to three charities to promote mental health awareness:

  • CPSL Mind
  • You Are RAD
  • Prince's Trust


The rewards are progressively unlocked by returning charity tokens to Lau'Ra, Kal, and Zoed. Players can also convert charity tokens into mystery boxes and big mystery boxes for 500 charity tokens and 1,000 charity tokens, respectively.

Charity tokens Reward
Charity tokens 2,000 Big event mystery box
Charity tokens 5,000 Brain plushie
Charity tokens 8,000 Big event mystery box
Charity tokens 10,000 Defender of the Mind wings


Answering questions for the three representatives north of Lumbridge Crater gives a small XP lamp for each correct answer, with one question from each per day. Questions can only be answered on the day they appear. The questions and their answers are listed below.

What does Rise Above The Disorder do?Provides entirely free mental health care to everyone
Makes games about mental health
Provides mental health care only to gamers
Live streams games that involve mental health issues
What percentage of those with a mental health condition develop it before the age of 18?25%
How long has the Prince's Trust Youth Index been running?6 years
7 years
8 years
9 years
How many people has Rise Above The Disorder helped?1,000
How many core values does CPSL Mind have?4
What year was the Prince's Trust founded?1976
Which of the following is correct?Mental health is the #1 cause of student dropout in the US
Mental health is the #2 cause of student dropout in the US
Mental health is the #3 cause of student dropout in the US
What is the name of the CPSL Mind campaign which focuses on empowering students to find positive ways of coping with stress?Stress Less
No Stress
Stress Free
Stop Stress
What is the name of the 12 week personal development programme ran by the Prince's Trust?Team Programme
Work Programme
Youth Programme
Your Programme



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