This article is about the mage fought during While Guthix Sleeps. For the mage north of Falador, see Mercenary mage (Falador).
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Mercenary mage chathead

The mercenary mage is an enemy that the player attempts to kill during the quest While Guthix Sleeps, specifically during the battle in Mcgrubor's Wood. He appears alongside several mercenary axemen who are trying to slay followers of Armadyl behind McGrubor's Wood. However, the mage manages to teleport away before the player kills him, similar to how the shady strangers and suspicious outsiders in Draynor escape from battle. Currently, the mage's whereabouts are unknown. Afterwards, the player talks to one of the wounded Guardians of Armadyl and is later introduced to Idria.

Mercenary axemen

The Mercenary mage orders the axemen to kill the Armadyl followers.

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