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Mess Sergeant Ramsey chathead

Mess Sergeant Ramsey is a chef located in The Pick and Lute pub in Taverley. He is on the ground1st floor[UK], in the kitchen. He can be seen complaining about the smell created by players cooking terrible pies in his kitchen. He has a shop where he sells various cooking supplies.

He will give players Cooking recommendations that, unlike daily recommendations, have no rewards, as they are simply tasks suited to that player's level in order to help them advance the skill.

He always appears to be hysterical and rushed for time (such as panicking about the thieves from the basement stealing food), before calmly asking the player how he can help them.



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Where are my trousers? Oh, I'm wearing them. Can I help you?
  • Mess Sergeant Ramsey is a reference to British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. His examine is a reference to Gordon Ramsay's infamous rude temperament.
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