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  • I was just wondering how you went about getting the "Add Topic" button for pages like Administrative Requests? Also is the template for that page allowed to be used on other wikis with credit/fair use?

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    • It's not actually a template, it's part of the underlying skin. It's the same as the edit button, except that it adds a section to the page. Something similar could probably achieved with a template, but off the top of my head, i don't have any ideas (i've been away from Fandom for a long time and it would take a bit of time to see what is and is not possible). I'll ask around and get back to you. One thing to note is that even if i do find you a template, the new button created would not be in exactly the same place on screen.

      That said, if you do find a template on another wiki that does what you want, speak to the wiki admin about using it. Chances are they would be fine with that and giving attribution is simply good manners.

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    • Okay thank you for that! Is there any Admins around on this wiki at the moment i can speak to about using templates?

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    • Masuta Who is the admin here and could most likely help you.

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    • An anonymous user
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  • Hi, I am writing this to request that my user page be returned; who do I talk to?

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