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Hello, Mike111b, and welcome to the RuneScape Wiki!

Thank you for taking an interest in our wiki. If you have any trouble or need help, feel free to ask questions on my talk page or any other editor's talk page. Also, you could look at a help page if you need any hints or tips. We hope you like it here and decide to stay!

Gorgonite plate armour set (lg) (female) equipped

Here are a few pages to help out new editors such as yourself:

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Again, welcome! —Small recharge gem AnselaJonla Slayer-icon 21:42, April 23, 2013 (UTC)

Drop table Edit

For this, I suggest making a "line template" page, for example a subpage of the page you are going to put this, let's call this subpage /line for now. On the /line page, you'll put the code you need for a single line on the table, and fill in everything that is the same in every situation. This would be the code for getting the GE price, for defining the variables, etc. I assume you know how to use template parameters; if not, either ask me about it or try checking this. It's basically the same as #var:cur except you'll be calling it by using {{{1|}}} or something. If you've made that, you just add a line to the table using {{/line|1077|Ganodermic flakes}} and it will fill in the rest automatically. This will make the page really easy to add things to, yet won't require JS to add it. JOEYTJE50TALKpull my finger 16:38, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

armour set graphs Edit

For adding this, there is a huge problem with how the charts work, at the moment. The items have all their data listed by a certain UNIX timestamp, and these timestamps may differ a lot from item to item. That way there is not really a good way to add up prices at each individual moment, since we might have data from 12:00 on a certain day for item 1, but 12:03 for item 2. It would be really really hard to detect when a price is in the same timeslot as another price, so it is not really possible to make charts where the price history is merged. We could make a chart which shows each item individually (because that doesn't involve the script deciding which price matches with which other item's price), which would look like this. See Template:GEChart for documentation on how to make a chart with multiple items in it.

PS: You can sign messages on talk pages using ~~~~. This will automatically include a link to your userpage, and a timestamp. JOEYTJE50TALKpull my finger 16:46, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

Re:Holstein Edit

I am, but not today. Feel free to do it, although I will do it with neck transl. 18px-Avatar.png Fswe1 26px-Brassica_Prime_symbol.svg.png 18:05, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

RSC Stats TipsEdit

Quote: There are some numbers in runescape known as the glitch numbers. These numbers are where jagex went wrong and made certain numbers better than others. Lets take attack for an example. If you have 60 att and you fight someone with 56 att the player with 56 att will hit more often than you. There are some other numbers that hit more often here a some of them.
52,54,56,62,66,76 and 86
Def these numbers are harder to hit than some of the others.
Str doesn’t have a glitch number that makes you hit higher.

Hope that helps. --Jlun2 (talk) 00:58, June 23, 2013 (UTC)


Every time an article is mentioned on the page, you don't have to link to every single one. For example, lobster may be mentioned five times. You only have to link to lobster once. You can link to articles more than once if the page is very long.

Strung rabbit foot is not a long article by any stretch of the imagination, so only one link to any given page is necessary, no matter how many times it's mentioned. Small recharge gem AnselaJonla Slayer-icon 01:21, July 2, 2013 (UTC)

From Spanish RuneScape WikiEdit

Mike, most of the pictures you see here ARE FROM the english RuneScape Wiki.

Our last photos are teasers sent by Jagex to the FanSites (as us and the english RuneScape Wiki). If you're talking about those photos, they do have it since yesterday.

Any other doubt, just ask here. ;) See ya':
Ajente02_Firma.JPG 17:10, July 3, 2013 (UTC)

Flash Powder FactoryEdit

My incomplete data set consisting of


makes me think the formula for doing the full 15 minutes is:

$ \begin{cases} \lfloor score \times \frac{11}{50} \rfloor & score \le 500 \\ \lfloor \frac{score}{20} + 105 \rfloor & score > 500 \\ \end{cases} $

Do a few more runs to see if that holds up. ʞooɔ 06:55, July 9, 2013 (UTC)

Re:Preview Edit

Sure, I can have a look, although I haven't noticed any issues myself. I wasn't able to get much info from the message you left on my talk page, so:

  • In as great detail as possible, can you describe the issue. What does it affect? Does it impact your ability to edit?
  • What browser (and version if you know it) are you using when you see the problem? Have you noticed it on multiple browsers?

Also, what infobox glitch?

  1. REDIRECT User:Cqm/Signature
Seeing as Special:Chat is down, can you pop into IRC for a chat? Ping me when you get there, my nick is onei.
What you described in chat (sorry for not noticing the pm) is basically js not being loaded when previewing edits. It's not really a bug, and certainly not something I can convince staff to fix. The same happens when previewing collapsible tables (there's no collapse/uncollapse link). I guess it's possible to implement a fix, but honestly, it's a hack I don't really want to do right now. However, as I can see how it could be annoying, I'll have a word with Matthew (who wrote the switchinfobox code) to see if has any thoughts on this.

Also, the default skin is oasis Wink

  1. REDIRECT User:Cqm/Signature


Okay, firstly, the 'released' and 'update' parameters do not show up in the quest details template, and are instead displayed in the top quest infobox. And secondly, since the quest requires 16 inventory spaces, a player could choose to replace their spade with a familiar who can perform the same operation. I'm sorry, but I don't think this requires a discussion, so I'm reverting it back. Alchez 12:52, July 16, 2013 (UTC)

Quest infobox is the template at the top-right of the article; the template I removed it from is quest details. Also, just because you don't use a meerkat, doesn't mean it can't or shouldn't be used. I admit, the TT items cannot be obtained during the quest, per se. So I'll change that. Finally, I kept it as a bullet point for consistency with the other points in the 'Tips' section; I don't mind it either way honestly. Alchez 13:38, July 16, 2013 (UTC)

Re: Wikia.css Edit

It's because Oasis is a little unconventional when it comes to setting the background. It doesn't set it directly, instead it uses the :before and :after pseudo classes to allow the fluid width and keep the background the same for people with small resolutions and people with large resolutions.

I tried this instead. It's a little hacky, but it works and as it's just for you, it should be fine. I also filtered out all the stuff that was already defined by the Oasis css file.

body:before, body:after {
    background: none !important;

body {
    background: #cda172 url('') top center repeat !important;

Let me know if you have any problems, User:Cqm/Signature

Ah, try this instead:
body:before, body:after {
    background: none !important;

body {
    background: #cda172 url('') top center fixed !important;



eh, sure. why not. --Sucy_orb_2.pngScuzzy BetaLuna_Nova_sigil.png 17:30, March 3, 2014 (UTC)

Wikian titleEdit

Hello, would you like to be nominated for the Wikian title? :) Magic logs detailIsobelJRaw rocktail detail 20:15, January 31, 2018 (UTC)

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