1494 milestone

1494 Total level milestone still occurs on P2P servers

Obtaining a milestone

A player reaching a milestone.

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The milestone music

Milestones are messages that players get after they have reached certain milestones in a particular skill.

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Getting the maximum total level.
Well done! You've achieved the highest possible total level!
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10m XP interval milestones
Sound acquired at any 10m XP intervals past level 99.

These messages provide players with information about any abilities they have unlocked when raising their skill levels. The messages will appear whenever players increase a Combat level, or when players have met the requirements to start a new quest. Each of these important milestones will be highlighted with improved sounds and graphics, which get more impressive as players achieve harder-to-reach goals.

Due to an update by Jagex, players would not miss their level-up message if they are in the midst of combat. Once they advance a level in a skill, that skill's icon will begin flashing in the statistics menu of the Game Interface. They can view it by clicking on the flashing icon (as long as they stay logged in). In all other cases, clicking on the skill icon will open the skill guide as normal.

Important milestones are available in the menu, and they can be checked via a tab called "Milestone". However, not all level-up messages are included in this menu. Below is the list of all milestones, and other level-up messages that players may receive.



Note: Players can enter the Warriors' Guild when their Attack and Strength add up to 130 or more, or when either their Attack or Strength level is 99.



Note: Players can enter the Warriors' Guild when their Attack and Strength add up to 130 or more, or when either their Attack or Strength level is 99









  • Level 99: Skill mastery




  • Level 1: Maximum rooms: 20; Maximum dimensions: 3x3
  • Level 15: Maximum dimensions: 4x4
  • Level 30: Maximum dimensions: 5x5
  • Level 45: Maximum dimensions: 6x6
  • Level 38: Maximum rooms: 21
  • Level 44: Maximum rooms: 22
  • Level 50: Maximum rooms: 23
  • Level 56: Maximum rooms: 24
  • Level 60: Maximum dimensions: 7x7
  • Level 62: Maximum rooms: 25
  • Level 68: Maximum rooms: 26
  • Level 74: Maximum rooms: 27
  • Level 80: Maximum rooms: 28
  • Level 86: Maximum rooms: 29
  • Level 92: Maximum rooms: 30
  • Level 96: Maximum rooms: 31
  • Level 99: Maximum rooms: 32
  • Level 99: Skill mastery


  • Level 99: Skill mastery
  • Level 120: True skill mastery


  • Level 99: Skill mastery
  • Level 115: Members: Access to The magister
  • Level 120: True skill mastery



  • Level 1: Members: Invention guild
  • Level 99: Skill mastery
  • Level 120: True skill mastery

Defence, Firemaking, Woodcutting, Herblore, Thieving, Fletching, Farming, Hunter and Divination

  • Level 99: Skill mastery

Honorable mentions

Other level-up messages

Total Level 2300

A special message was also visible on the skill guide.

Total level

  • Total level n
    • Well done! You have reached the total level n milestone! (n being the total level achieved.)
    • Well done! You've achieved the highest total level possible on free worlds! (when reaching total level 1,656)

Note: Total level milestones are measured in increments of 100 levels, except the first, which is 50. The total levels of 1,656 and 2,736 are also milestones, being the highest possible level to free players and members respectively and receive special fireworks in addition to the regular ones for levelling up.









  • Level 56: You can now plant Kwuarm.





  • All skills have at least one milestone, called "Skill mastery" at level 99 and "True Skill mastery" at 120 Dungeoneering.
  • With the update of the menagerie room in the construction skill, the milestone section in the Construction skill guide disappeared. This has recently been fixed.
  • The Fremennik Trials quest reward gives experience in 10 different skills to also allow 10 level-ups at once.

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