Milestone capes

Concept art of milestone capes seen in the blog "Capes of Distinction"

Milestone capes are a series of nine Capes of Distinction that are "earned" each time all of a member's skill levels (excluding elite skills like Invention) reach a multiple of 10. They were released on 3 May 2011, and first mentioned in the developers' blog "Capes of Distinction". Players who have levelled every skill above level 10, 20, 30, and so on, will be able to weave a special cape on a loom. Unlike other Capes of Distinction, this cape does not come with the accompanying hood, nor an emote. Each milestone cape comes with a defence bonus of 4. All nine of the milestone capes can be stored on the cape rack of a player-owned house.

To make a milestone cape, you need to weave one yourself at a loom. Making a cape requires one ball of wool per 10 levels. For example, the milestone cape (10) requires 1 ball of wool, while the milestone cape (40) requires 4 balls of wool. A total of 45 balls of wool are required to make all nine milestone capes.

The milestone capes appear to stick out more from the neck compared to other capes.

List of milestone capes

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