Milk seller chathead

Milk sellers are NPCs which sell buckets of milk. They were released on 24 June 2010 with the Quiet Before the Swarm update. They own The Milk Shop store and sell milk for 12 coins each. They have 200 in stock.

One of the three can be found near the farm south of Falador, directly north of Port Sarim in the cow pen, a Churn is nearby. The quickest way to get to there is to cabbage port with explorer's ring 3. There is also one in Lumbridge, by Mill Lane Mill and Fred the Farmer's sheep farm, and another north of Seers' Village inside the Sinclair Mansion. In some of the starter quests, milk is required, and so the Milk sellers were added so it would be easier to find milk, other than milk a cow.


  • With the Elemental Workshop IV update, the milk seller near Falador farm's legs disappeared, unless she was idle.
  • There was a glitch in her shop where the prices and stocks were reversed.
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