Milky Joel is a castaway and a talking coconut that you discover on Milky Bay island after finding the message in a bottle. The only words that Milky Joel says to the player are "The Harbinger".

The message in a bottle to locate this castaway is currently visible. (wrong?) Once a message in a bottle is found and when a player has walked near its spawn location when it was visible it will always be visible, unless the message in the bottle or its treasure map is in the player's bank or inventory.

He can be kicked, and acts like a beach ball. His kick counter can go up to 999 at which point further kicks do not increase the counter. There are no benefits for kicking him.



  • Milky Joel is a reference to 'Milky Joe and the Coconuts' from the British comedy troupe The Mighty Boosh.
  • When leaving Milky Bay, players used to receive the message "Your abandoned beach ball has popped." This was changed to "You have abandoned Milky Joel. You monster." on 1 August 2016. This may be a reference to GLaDOS from the Portal video game series.
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