This article is about the mill north of Ardougne. For the mill north of Lumbridge, see Mill Lane Mill.
Mill Road Mill

Mill Road Mill.

Sigmund's Base1

The base of Sigmund.

Sigmund's Base2

The storage room and prison.

Mill Road Mill is a windmill north of East Ardougne. The owner is Milton the Miller, who is a knight and a culinaromancer as well as a supporter of H.A.M..

Since the opening of the Dorgesh-Kaan - Keldagrim Train System, Sigmund took up residence in a secret basement under the mill, with glyphs on the wall preventing teleportation. When Grubfoot visited the Plain of Mud, he was abducted by the H.A.M. agents and taken to the base. At roughly the same time, H.A.M. agent Walton was sent to Dorgesh-Kaan, disguised as a merchant and started poisoning the children of the city, until he was arrested and even killed by Zanik, who had been influenced by Bandos himself.

Later, an adventurer infiltrates the base to free Grubfoot, but, just as they leave, a fully possessed Zanik, the Goblin High Priest and a small group of goblins break into the base and the Assault on Sigmund's Base begins, wherein all goblins and H.A.M. agents are killed, including Sigmund, and the High Priest becomes the Bandos Avatar after Zanik defied him. The basement is destroyed in an ensuing earthquake and can no longer be accessed afterwards.


  • The name of the mill might be a reference to Mill Road, a street in Cambridge, England, where Jagex is located.
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