Millie Miller chathead

Miss Millicent Miller, otherwise known as Millie Miller, is a miller who runs Mill Lane Mill north of Lumbridge. Her family have been producing flour for generations,[1] and she considers her produce to be the best in RuneScape.[2]

She instructs players on how to obtain flour, telling them where to obtain empty pots and providing them with one. She also tells them some uses for flour. During Cook's Assistant, she helps the player obtain some extra fine flour for a cake, realigning the millstones to produce it.



  1. ^ Millie Miller, RuneScape. "I'm Miss Millicent Miller, the Miler of Mill Lane Mill. Our family has been milling flour for generations."
  2. ^ Millie Miller, RuneScape. "This is Mill Lane Mill, source of the finest flour in RuneScape, and home to the Miller Family for many generations."
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