Mind storm
Mind storm
Release date 30 April 2012 (Update)
Members No
Quest No
Location Runespan
Examine Pure mind energy. Requires Runecrafting (1).
Mind storm icon

Mind storm is an elemental node in the Runespan that allows players to draw Mind runes from it. They are found on all floors. It requires level 1 Runecrafting and gives experience in cycles of 20 experience each, though occasionally will also give 2 experience when a failed siphon is performed.

Unlike creatures, players do not receive any rune essence when a node is depleted of its energy.

They appear to be the most common node in the Runespan's lowest level.


Image Rune Type Point value
Mind rune (Runespan)
Mind rune 0.2


  • Visually, Cyclones and Mind storms are very similar, the only difference being the frequent electricity flashes inside a mind storm.
  • Mind storm's name is likely a reference to brainstorming.
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