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[[File:Minimap_glitch_druidic_ritual.png|thumb|A glitch where part of the minimap failed to load.]]
''RuneScape's'' [[minimap]] is often the victim of persistent [[glitch]]es. The first reports of players experiencing [[glitch]]es with the graphical interface of the minimap came roughly around [[21 November]] [[2009]].
The most frequently-occurring glitches include:
* Misplacement of map chunks, causing a certain side of the map to become displaced from the real position, with black space separating areas. Sections appearing to be flatly "blacked out" is simply due to a map piece out of view.
* Background fully turning black, with the dots and icons still visible. Can happen when one's internet connection is lost, then reestablished.
* Icons having a black rectangular background. Believed to be certain bits of game code rejecting the icons' transparency.
* Map's edges leaking out of its border.
All of the above are almost always loading errors, not nonexistent files on the server-side. The first two glitches can usually be temporarily fixed by "reloading" the minimap, via methods such as [[teleportation]], logging out and back in, entering an entrance to another map and returning, open the world map and close it immediately, or simply moving a distance and returning. Changing RuneScape's graphics display mode might help as well.
Less common glitches:
* Minimap not appearing at all.
* While having a Summoning pet out, right-clicking the summoning icon will sometimes show an "Attack" or "Cast Spell" option. This glitch has not yet been fixed.
* A white background.
* Landscape being misplaced and shrunk in areas other than the RuneScape surface.
* The graphics being of lower quality; reseting the graphics settings does not affect it though.
The collective glitches have no effect whatsoever on the actual location, and typically do not pose harm to players, unless a player is disoriented by the minimap issues in a dangerous/competitive area that may or may not rely on the minimap. Still many players have become accustomed to the graphical glitches and so tend to ignore the problems.
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