Not to be confused with Dwarven Mine hidden mine.
Mining Guild resource dungeon
Mining Guild Resource Dungeon
Release date 19 July 2010 (Update)
Location Mining Guild
Members No
Rocks 5 Luminite rocks
4 Drakolith rocks
Monsters No
Requirements 45 Dungeoneering, 60 Mining
Main music Unknown edit
Mining Guild resource dungeon entrance location

Location of the entrance.

Mining Guild Resource Dungeon entrance

The entrance to the resource dungeon.

The Mining Guild resource dungeon is a resource dungeon located inside the Mining Guild. It requires level 45 Dungeoneering and level 60 Mining to access. Players are given 4,400 Dungeoneering experience upon first entrance. Boosts can be used for the mining requirement to enter the guild. Inside are 5 luminite rocks and 4 drakolith rocks.

The presence of luminite in this dungeon makes it very lucrative to mine here, especially for free players, as there are no monsters like in Dwarven Mine, where player can be attacked by King Scorpion.


  • Ever since its release until 2019, the dungeon has been the safest area to mine runite ore on F2P servers.
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