Mining and Smithing were expected to get an update in the first half of 2019, after originally being promised in 2017.[1] However Jagex found it difficult to produce a concept that could satisfy all players' expectations. An in-game poll was used to determine whether players would rather have an update to introduce new content at the higher levels of the skills, with a full rework being left to another future update.[2] Players voted in favour of having a complete rework of the skills, and it was stated at RuneFest 2017 that development had started around mid-September.[3] As part of the rework many pieces of content related to Mining and Smithing will be altered, including monster drop tables. Urns will likely be reworked to include a new decorated smelting urn, with strong smelting urns being changed to require level 70.[4] A beta for the update was launched on 12 February 2018.[5][6][7]

Mining rocks will no longer deplete and there will no longer be competition with other players for ores. When mining the player will receive experience every time that they "strike" a rock (every 5 ticks). The player's Mining level and pickaxe will affect how much experience is gained per strike.[8] Mining experience rates are intended to be the same or slightly better, around 10% faster, than they are currently.[9]

For each strike the player will make progress towards gaining an ore, shown on a progress bar above the character's head. The amount of progress gained will depend on the player's Mining level and the tier of pickaxe that they use. Additionally, 1/10 of the player's Strength level will be added to the player's progress gains. Lower tier pickaxes will not be effective in mining higher tier rocks. All rocks will have a difficulty: which determines the amount of progress needed to get ore from the rock. Once the player has built up enough progress points to equal the rock's difficulty then they will gain ore and their progress will reset. The experience earned from each swing will be equal to the amount of progress made multiplied by a bonus for the rock type being mined; higher tier rocks will give better multipliers. However they also have a hardness value which reduces the amount of progress gained from mining them. Using a pickaxe of a tier equivalent to or better than the tier of rock being mined will eliminate the effect of hardness.[8]

With at least level 15 Mining the player will have a stamina bar while mining. The bar is filled every time the player clicks on a rock; and when full the player will use a 4 cycle mining animation rather than a 5 cycle one. If the bar is not filled then the player has a scaling chance of using either the 4 or 5 cycle mining animation, with a 100% chance of using the longer animation at 0% stamina. Therefore, players can gain around 20% more experience and ore by actively maintaining stamina, clicking the rock once after each pickaxe swing. This is equivalent to a click once every 2.4 seconds. The player's Agility level will contribute to their stamina.[8]

Rockertunities are another mechanic to encourage active gameplay. Whenever a rock is struck there is a chance that a nearby rock of the same type will become a highlighted "rockertunity". Clicking it will give 5 times the normal experience for that swing, and possibly an increased amount of ore gain.[8]

Ores will be stored in an ore bag that will spawn automatically in the player's inventory when they are mining. The ore bag is untradeable and unbankable; it can be destroyed and reclaimed from the tool belt without losing the ores stored within it. Players can click the bag to fill it without interrupting mining. Higher tier ores take up more spaces in the bag. With this update the coal bag and similar rewards will be altered, by making them into upgrades to increase the capacity of the ore bag.[8]

New tiers of ore will be added:[10]

Metal Armour type Swords
Level Grade I Grade II Grade III Level Grade IV
Ores Coal XP +10% Bonus GP/XP Price Ores Coal XP +10% Bonus GP/XP Price Ores Coal XP +10% Bonus GP/XP Price Ores Coal 98% XP GP/XP
Perfect XP GP/XP
Iron 30 1 0 101 111.1 3.39 377 9 0 202 222.2 15.3 3,393 12 0 240 264 17.1 4,524 70 75 0 2,702 10.5 3,242 8.7 28,275
Steel 45 1 2 131 144.1 4 581 4 7 253 278.3 8 2,222 9 17 354 389.5 13.2 5,127 75 40 80 3,782 6.1 4,538 5.1 23,240
Mithril 60 1 4 164 180.4 3.5 625 3 12 316 347.6 5.4 1,875 6 24 404 444.4 8.4 3,750 80 30 120 4,539 4.1 5,446 3.4 18,750
Adamant 70 1 6 278 305.8 2.82 863 3 14 455 500.5 4.4 2,181 4 22 568 624.8 5.2 3,248 85 25 150 5,728 3.8 6,873 3.3 21,575
Runite 90 1 8 505 555.5 3.3 1,825 2 16 631 694.3 5.3 3,650 4 30 758 833.8 8.5 7,096 90 18 144 10,486 3.1 12,585 2.6 32,850

Smithing will gain a new hopper system for storing ores and bars. Ores and bars will be deposited directly from the inventory/ore bag into the hopper, which will be shared across all furnaces and anvils. When smelting bars will go into the player's inventory, but they may be deposited straight back into the hopper. Smithing will use materials directly from the hopper.[11]

Smithing will initially involve the creation of unfinished items. As items will take longer to create, the unfinished item will allow the player's progress through the creation process to be saved. Similarly to the planned mechanics for Mining, Smithing experience will be gained per "strike" while smithing at item. Strikes will count towards a progress bar which grants an unfinished item upon completion. One strike is made every 2 ticks, and 10 progress is gained each strike. The total amount of progress needed to complete the item will depend on the item's tier and the number of bars required to make it. Experience per bar will be equivalent for all items: so making items that require a large number of bars will not grant the best experience per hour any more.[11]

Additionally, it will be possible to get upgraded versions of "base" equipment. +X items will have the same level requirement to smith and equip as base versions, but will have +X tier stats. The process for creating these items will be the same as for creating base items. Players will be be able to create +1, +2, +3, +4 and +5 versions of base equipment: with the tier of equipment determining the maximum number of times that it can be upgraded. Each upgrade will double the number of bars required. While the experience per bar used remains the same the upgrading process is faster, resulting in more experience per bar being gained. The new tiers for base items and the number of items they can be upgraded are:[11]

Type SmithingLevel Ore Coal Total Cost Regular During lesson
XP Cost/XP XP Cost/XP
Iron Iron ingot I I 30 Iron ore 1 N/A 377 101 -3.73 116.15 -3.25
Iron ingot II II 30 9 3,393 202 -16.8 232.3 -14.61
Iron ingot III III 30 12 4,524 240 -18.85 276 -16.39
Steel Steel ingot I I 45 Iron ore 1 2 581 131 -4.44 150.65 -3.86
Steel ingot II II 45 4 7 2,222 253 -8.78 290.95 -7.64
Steel ingot III III 45 9 17 5,127 354 -14.48 407.1 -12.59
Mithril Mithril ingot I I 60 Mithril ore 1 4 625 164 -3.81 188.6 -3.31
Mithril ingot II II 60 3 12 1,875 316 -5.93 363.4 -5.16
Mithril ingot III III 60 6 24 3,750 404 -9.28 464.4 -8.07
Adamant Adamant ingot I I 70 Adamantite ore 1 6 863 278 -3.1 319.7 -2.7
Adamant ingot II II 70 3 14 2,181 455 -4.79 523.25 -4.17
Adamant ingot III III 70 4 22 3,248 568 -5.72 653.2 -4.97
Rune Rune ingot I I 90 Runite ore 1 8 1,825 505 -3.61 580.75 -3.14
Rune ingot II II 90 2 16 3,650 631 -5.78 725.65 -5.03
Rune ingot III III 90 4 30 7,096 758 -9.36 871.7 -8.14

Base and upgraded base items will be tradeable. When an item is upgraded the maximum number of times the player will be able to convert it into an untradeable decorated version. This will require no additional bars. It will be possible to give decorated items to NPC to gain more experience. The amount of experience given will be equivalent to the experience gained from half the number of bars used to create and upgrade the item. This will provide fast but expensive methods for training the skill.[11]

With level 99 Smithing players will be able to create masterwork armour using the dragonkin forge. Masterwork armour will be tier 90 and will require level 90 Defence to wear. It will consist of a helmet, platebody, platelegs, gauntlets, and boots. The platebody and platelegs will be augmentable. The ability to create each piece of masterwork armour will be unlocked when the player creates a piece of elder rune armour of the equivalent slot from scratch. The process of creating masterwork armour will be complex, time consuming, and expensive. It will give poor experience rates: the armour is intended to be a way to make money from Smithing.[12]

Masterwork items are made from glorious alloys; which are created in a process involving cycles and folding. The process is:[12]

Input Cycles Output
1 of each type of regular bar 4 cycles 1 concentrated alloy bar
10 concentrated alloy bars 8 cycles 1 enriched alloy bar
10 enriched alloy bars 16 cycles 1 immaculate alloy bar
496 total cycles per immaculate alloy bar (5 minutes)

12 immaculate alloy bars required per armour set (1 hour)

1 immaculate alloy bar 4 cycles Folded alloy bar (0)
Folded alloy bar (0) 4 cycles Folded alloy bar (1)
Repeat until folded alloy bar (1000) is created; each 4 cycles = (+1)
Folded alloy bar (1000) 4 cycles Glorious bar
4504 total cycles per glorious bar (45 minutes)

12 glorious bars required per armour set (9 hours)

Partially folded bars are not tradeable; but complete enriched alloy bars, concentrated alloy bars, immaculate alloy bars, and glorious bars are tradeable.

Once the player has the required glorious bars the masterwork item can be prepared:[12]

Type Experience Assigned Req. ore Cost Cost/xp Assigned Cost/xp
Iron I 101 111.1 2 Iron ore 377 3.73 3.39
Iron II 202 222.2 18 Iron ore 3,393 16.8 15.27
Iron III 240 264 24 Iron ore 4,524 18.85 17.14
Steel I 131 144.1 2 Iron ore, 4 Coal 581 4.44 4.03
Steel II 253 278.3 8 Iron ore, 14 Coal 2,222 8.78 7.98
Steel III 354 389.4 18 Iron ore, 34 Coal 5,127 14.48 13.17
Mithril I 164 180.4 2 Mithril ore, 8 Coal 625 3.81 3.46
Mithril II 316 347.6 6 Mithril ore, 24 Coal 1,875 5.93 5.39
Mithril III 404 444.4 6 Mithril ore, 24 Coal 3,750 9.28 8.44
Adamant I 278 305.8 1 Adamantite ore, 6 Coal 863 3.1 2.82
Adamant II 455 500.5 3 Adamantite ore, 14 Coal 2,181 4.79 4.36
Adamant III 568 624.8 4 Adamantite ore, 22 Coal 3,248 5.72 5.2
Rune I 505 555.5 1 Runite ore, 8 Coal 1,825 3.61 3.29
Rune II 631 694.1 2 Runite ore, 16 Coal 3,650 5.78 5.26
Rune III 758 833.8 4 Runite ore, 30 Coal 7,096 9.36 8.51

Malevolent essence will be obtained from melting down malevolent armour at the dragon forge.[13] Proportionally less essence is given when using armour which is partially degraded. This is rounded down to the nearest whole number of essence, e.g. platelegs with 100% charge would give 3 essence, while platelegs with 99% charge would give 2 essence. Helms with 50% charge will give 1 essence. [14]

ItemSmithing levelMalevolent energy EnergyReinforcing plate PlatesExperienceEnergy amount
(Total cost)
PriceProfitEnergy profit
Malevolent helmMalevolent helm91141500 4,240,012
5,092,689 374,538 26,752.71
Malevolent greavesMalevolent greaves922821,000 8,480,024
10,627,548 1,191,246 42,544.5
Malevolent cuirassMalevolent cuirass934231,500 12,720,036
15,314,554 1,160,101 27,621.45

Upgrading masterwork items will be a faster process than creating the masterwork items. It will require 99 Smithing and give poor experience rates. It is intended to give a sustainable use for masterwork items.[14]

Dropped smithable equipment will be removed from monster drop tables and will be replaced by salvage. Current drop table items will be replaced with a corresponding salvage item. Salvage is not stackable but can be traded. Salvage will have 6 tiers corresponding to the different tiers of metals, affecting the alchemy value and amount of components gained from disassembling the item; 4 types, affecting the type of components gained from disassembling the item; and 5 sizes, affecting the alchemy value and amount of components gained from disassembling the salvage. The sizes of salvage will be tiny, small, medium, large, and huge; each size increase will increase the alchemy value and component number multiplier by 1.

Tiers of salvage will be:

Tier of salvage High alchemy value Base number of components Base junk chance
Bronze 20 2 98.9%
Iron 65 2 89%
Steel 240 2 78%
Mithril 600 2 67%
Adamant 2000 2 56%
Rune 8000 2 45%

Types of salvage will be:

Type of salvage Possible parts Possible components
Bladed salvage Base
Spiky salvage Connector
Blunt salvage Stave
Plated salvage Cover

Metal ore and bars will be replaced in drop tables by stone spirit; they will be dropped by a variety of monsters but most commonly by metallic dragons. Stone spirits will be tradeable and will stack with other scales of the same type. Mining while carrying stone spirits will cause them to oxidise into their corresponding type of ore. No additional experience will gained for the extra ores created.

The spring cleaner dismantle mode will not work on salvage items, but will continue to work on other, non-smithing related items. A new alch mode will be added for spring cleaner 3000 and better; it will only work on salvage items and will convert them into the number of coins equivalent to their high alchemy value. One charge of the spring cleaner will be used each time. Disassembly mode will be a new mode for spring cleaner 5000 and better. It will only work on salvage items; automatically disassembling them using no charges.[15]


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