Easter Bunny chathead
Minnie Coop only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
Minnie Coop chathead

Minnie Coop could be found in Varrock Square by her Corgi stall during the Diamond Jubilee event. Upon speaking with her she would send players to find her 6 missing corgis that have run away. When a corgi was in sight, players could click "Return" to send them back to Varrock.

Minnie Coop with corgis

Minnie Coop and some Corgis.

For finding all six corgis, players would be rewarded with the ability to keep a Corgi as a pet.

See Corgi for a list of all corgi locations.


  • Her name is a play on 'Mini Cooper', a British-based vehicle, most famously used in the classic film The Italian Job.
  • The examine for her, 'She's on a mini adventure!', is likely to be related to the Mini advertising slogan which is 'It's a Mini adventure'.
  • If a player attempted to talk to Minnie Coop with a follower out, such as a pet or familiar, they would instead talk to their follower, who would have the same dialogue as Minnie. For some followers, the chathead would become distorted. When the dialogue was finished, the follower would stop following the player temporarily, and would start moving around on its own like an NPC. This glitch was not fixed for the duration of the event.
BTS May 2012 Diamond Jubilee NPC full

Concept art of the Jubilee characters

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