For the summoning familiar, see: Bronze minotaur, Iron minotaur, Steel minotaur, Mithril minotaur, Adamant minotaur, Rune minotaur.
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Minotaurs are found on level one of the Stronghold of Security. They drop the right skull half, the first piece of the Skull sceptre. Many players train Ranged on these monsters, as they almost always drop iron arrows, allowing for rangers who use iron arrows to gain an extra xp 23% of their arrows, and they are close in proximity to a barricade that rangers can attack behind.


100% drops

Other drops

Members only drops


  • Minotaurs cannot be damaged by a salamander's magic attacks.
  • The level 27 minotaurs are a great place to safe-spot for easy Ranged experience. Arrows lost will be recovered through their drops (Using iron or bronze arrows.)
  • Their max hit exceeds that of the next monster that drops a piece of the Skull sceptre, the Flesh crawler

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