King Vargas chathead Yeti
Miscellania Castle

The castle's exterior

Miscellania Castle is the residence of King Vargas, ruler of the small island-kingdom of Miscellania, neighbour to the smaller island town Etceteria. Both towns are small and cramped, each with a castle that acts as a home for many of the island's inhabitants. The courtyard of the castle also holds other small residential houses and stalls, including Greengrocer of Miscellania and Island Fishmonger. The castle itself has three floors: the ground1st floor[UK] where the servants (Einar and Thorhild) dwell; the 1st2nd floor[UK], which houses the island's Monarch, King Vargas, his personal advisor, Ghrim, and his children, Prince Brand and Princess Astrid; and the 2nd3rd floor[UK], which consists of two towers emblazoned with the flag of Miscellania.

King Vargas initially appears as a yeti, a bear-like creature that he was transformed into many years ago after an encounter with a gnoeal. Due to this, he seeks a regent to take over the Throne of Miscellania, as he is unfit to rule in his current state. The new regent must them deal with Etceteria, who they are at war with, despite neither nation having a military, brokering a peace treaty with Queen Sigrid and sorting out the Royal Trouble.

Following the events of Glorious Memories, the curse on King Vargas is lifted and he returns to his original form. Following the events of Blood Runs Deep, Queen Sigrid moves into the castle as Vargas's wife, while Prince Brand and Princess Astrid are given a Fremennik funeral.

At times, the regent must manage their kingdom with the help of Advisor Ghrim.


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