A Mithril grapple is used to grapple with Agility onto objects such as Strong trees and Rocks, or even scale walls. It is wielded in the arrows slot and used with a mithril crossbow (also a Dorgeshuun crossbow or any metal crossbow higher than mithril).

Sometimes, the grapple may break (though this is rare), so it is a good idea to have more than one in your inventory (only one may be wielded at a time). When a grapple breaks, the following message appears in the player's chat interface: "After untying the rope, you find that your grapple is broken and useless".

Producing a grapple

Level 59 smithing is required to smith a mithril grapple tip from mithril bars. Level 59 Fletching is required to attach the tips to mithril bolts. Finally a rope is used on the unfinished mith grapple to make a complete mithril grapple, usable with grapple shortcuts. Grapples are tradeable at every stage of construction.

Additionally, players with 70 Ranged may look for a grapple in Armadyl's hideout in the God Wars Dungeon. If there are no grapples in the inventory, the crate within the hideout will contain a grapple.

Required items

Image Item Exchange price
Mithril bolts Mithril bolts 77 coins update
Mithril grapple tip Mith grapple tip Script error coins update
Mithril grapple Mith grapple (unf) Script error coins update
Rope Rope 296 coins update


Mithril bolts + Mithril grapple tip Mithril grapple
Mithril grapple + Rope Mithril grapple

Grapple locations


A player Grappling the wall in Yanille.

Location Required levels
Ranged Agility Strength
Scale Falador Wall 19 11 37
Scale Yanille Wall 21 39 38
Scale Catherby Cliff (from Catherby to Taverly, one-way) 35 32 35
Cross River Lum from Lumbridge Swamps to Al Kharid, or vice versa 37 8 19
Escape from Water Obelisk Island (from the Island to Catherby, one-way) 39 36 22
Cross from Musa Point to Harpie bug swarms (or vice versa) on Karamja 42 53 21
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