Investment Credit Exchange

The interface for exchanging credits

Players can exchange many of the products of skilling, such as unstrung bows, summoning scrolls, or Construction flatpacks, with Junior Cadet Mal at the entrance of Mobilising Armies for investment credits. Junior Cadet Mal provides a full list of the many commodities. The maximum number of credits a player may have at one time is 500,000.

Investment credits are intended to clear the economy of items that would usually stagnate due to lack of demand (known often as junk).

The investment credits per item are low alchemy value divided by two, plus one.

$ C = \frac{A_{low}}{2} + 1 $

The following pages contain partial lists of items that players can exchange for investment credits. Junior Cadet Mal can help players search their banks for eligible items.

Note: Some items might have their credits per coin lower than 0.01, which is shown as 0.

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