The Mobilising Armies tutorial familiarises players with the gameplay and mechanics of the Mobilising Armies minigame. This tutorial is separated into two phases: the battle and officer training. The tutorial is started by speaking to Junior Cadet Mal at the entrance to Mobilising Armies, west of Oo'glog.



Upon speaking with Junior Cadet Mal, Mal asks for your help, exclaiming that some mercenaries have broken in and stolen supplies, which you need to retrieve. Mal then leads you through a guided tutorial battle, in which you first learn the camera controls, then how to move and command your squads, then how to attack and respond to attacking enemy squads, all step-by-step. You have a light elf squad, a light dwarf squad, and a light goblin squad under your control, and you have to fight a light elf squad, a light dwarf squad, and light goblin squad as enemy mercenaries in the battle. You are also given gnome glider special units to attack the enemy with, once you are taught how to use them. Upon victory, you are taken back to the A.R.M.S. Command Centre for officer training.

Officer training

Junior Cadet Mal, upon your acceptance of officer training, briefly explains the purpose of the Army Recruitment and Mobilisation Society (A.R.M.S.) who runs the outpost, then teaches you the basic mechanics and gameplay of Mobilising Armies, as well as how to prepare for and how to start a game. Mal walks you through depositing investment credits, recruiting squads, recruiting special units, and starting scenarios. The officer training concludes with Mal offering you extra lessons for further information.


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