Mobilising Armies teleport
Mobilising armies teleport
Release date 8 July 2009 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 10
Spellbook Normal
Type Teleport
Experience 19
Runes 1Law rune1Water rune1Air rune
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The Mobilising Armies teleport was added to the game on 8 July 2009, together with Mobilising Armies. It teleports you to the Mobilising Armies Command centre. The spell costs one law rune, one water rune, and one air rune. It is currently the lowest level teleport spell in the game aside from home teleport. When the spell is cast, it places you just north of the minigame, and a couple steps from the Spirit tree.

The Mobilising Armies teleport is notable for its extremely close proximity to the Spirit tree network, and teleports you very close to a bank. It is often used by players that have finished the quest Tree Gnome Village as a roundabout Varrock teleport to the Grand Exchange. The duelling ring serves the same purpose for players who do not wish to spend the runes or do not have the required magic level.

It cannot be made into a tablet.


1Air rune1Water rune1Law rune428
Combo runes
1Water rune1Law rune1Dust rune971
1Air rune1Law rune1Mud rune975
1Water rune1Law rune1Smoke rune1,011
1Air rune1Law rune1Steam rune1,083
1Law rune1Mist rune905
1Air rune1Law runeStaff of water413
1Water rune1Law runeStaff of air396
1Air rune1Law runeMud battlestaff413
1Air rune1Law runeSteam battlestaff413
1Law runeElemental battlestaff381
1Air rune1Water rune0.9Law runeLaw staff389.9
1Air rune1Law runeMystical staff (75)413
1Law runeAvernic wandTome of frost381


  • The teleport icon was leaked before the official release of Mobilising Armies. Players could find it by going to the Game Guide and read about it in the Magic skill guide.
  • The Mobilising Armies teleport is the only teleport in the spellbooks that takes a player directly to an minigame. While Barbarian Teleport places a player extremely close to Barbarian Assault, it's not a direct teleport and a games necklace will still be closer. All other minigame teleports are through jewellery.
  • Before the update there was a big gap in the spell book where the Mobilising Armies teleport should have been, on the update for the minigame this has been fixed.
  • For two days after the Evolution of combat, an earth rune was required instead of an air rune. This was fixed on 22 November 2012.