Not to be confused with Mod Ryan trading sequence.

Mod Deg trading sequence is an easter egg that involves trading and transforming items obtained from updates developed by Mod Deg with NPCs (and other items) from those same updates.


Step Item Action
1 Expired spin ticket Expired spin ticket Obtained from Yelps or his chest after The Mighty Fall quest on Yu'biusk.
2 Nearly boiled egg Nearly boiled egg Trade the previous item with Wizard Goldberg at the Runecrafting Guild.
3 Ruined essence Ruined essence Trade the previous item with Kipple Nano after completing Heart of Stone and obtaining the pet itself.
4 Creepy doll Creepy doll Trade the previous item with Brother Celerity at Edgeville monastery.
5 Apollo's helmet Apollo's helmet Interact with the previous item while standing near Wizard Chambers at Tuska's corpse (not the one at Lumbridge docks).
6 Magic flute Magic flute Trade the previous item with a player-specific Goebie on Mazcab.
7 Goebie disguise kit Goebie disguise kit Use the previous item on Lunch four times in a row after Call of the Ancestors, Lunch is located east of Kanatah.
8 Underwater disguise kit Underwater disguise kit Use the previous item with a delicious seaweed after Beneath Cursed Tides.
9 Broken disguise kit Broken disguise kit Use the previous item on the lava ball, daystone, nightstone and mysterious bottle from the Heart of Gielinor.
10 Signal horn Signal horn Use the previous item on Feng, the Bounty Master in the Heart of Gielinor.
11 Odd luminous ball Odd luminous ball Use the previous item in Telos' arena in the Heart of Gielinor after defeating him.
12 Cut luminous ball Cut luminous ball Use a chisel on the previous item.
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