Jagex moderator crown Mod Maz
Nationality British
Role RuneScape Training and Developer Lead
Team Content Development
Project Old School RuneScape
Employed 13 September 2005

Mod Maz, Queen of the Squirrels, is a content developer at Jagex known to be obsessed with squirrels. She is well known as the developer of the humourous Clarence (mini)quests as well as developing most achievement diaries and asking for player suggestions for them on the forums. She is currently a content developer for Old School RuneScape.

By 2010 she had become senior content developer and trainer of new content developers, such as Mod Raven, Mod Ana, Mod Jack and Mod Stu.[1] In addition to developing most achievement diaries, she also designed all of them with the exception of the Wilderness one since she had moved to Old School by then. According to a Q&A held in 2009, she originally conceive the concept of Kudos Island along with Mod Mark.[2]



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