Jagex moderator crown Mod Meadows
Mod Meadows
Nationality British
Role Community Manager
Team Community Management
Project RuneScape
Employed 18 April 2017[1]2019

Mod Meadows was a community manager for RuneScape. He joined the Community Management Team on 8 December 2017,[2] formerly being part of the Quality Assurance Team. Mod Meadows first started playing RuneScape in 2007.[3]

Mod Meadows was the Player Moderator Curator for the "Community Team" and was also in charge of the Forum Moderators. Additionally, Mod Meadows was a member of the Lore Council.

Mod Meadows announced his departure from Jagex on 16 September 2019.[4]



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    So it's official - I'm one Jagex-year old. I can't believe how fast it has gone, thanks to all of you players for making me love my job!

    Each one of you are spectacular! P.S. I'm the one that falls over..."

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