For the Gower Quest character, see Mod Raven (NPC).
Jagex moderator crown Mod Raven
Mod Raven
Nationality British
Role Content Developer
Team Content Development
Project RuneScape
Employed 2007

Mod Raven is a content developer at Jagex. He initially joined as part of the Community Management team before moving to content development in 2010.[1] His first project was Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow, under Mod Maz's tutelage.[2]

He is notable as having starred in most episodes of Above the Lore, after David Osborne. He is the voice actor of Brassica Prime, although his voice is enhanced. He has appeared in most forum Q&As and podcasts related to Prifddinas. After RuneFest 2014, he moved to the community development team, but remained curator of the penguin quest series, the Dragonkin quest series, and the upcoming Rite of Passage. The team was soon disbanded and he returned to content development as part of The Dukes of SCRUMbridge team.





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