Jagex moderator crown Mod Timbo
Mod Timbo
Role Senior Game Designer
Team Content Development
Project RuneScape
Employed 2008

Mod Timbo is a senior game designer for RuneScape. He started playing RuneScape in 2002 and joined Jagex in July 2008 as part of his university placement, starting as part of Community Management before moving to Content Developers tasked with balancing the game.[1] Mod Timbo is also a member of the Ninja Team. He has written several development blogs, such as the bank rework design document,[2] elite skills,[3] and drop rate reveals.[4]


  • Mod Timbo is infamous for his removal of trees. Two of the trees he has removed, located in Yanille and Varrock, were later readded, with references to his removal added.


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