Not to be confused with High Emissary.
Moldark chathead

Moldark is an emissary of Zamorak, god of chaos, proclaiming his word in eastern Edgeville. According to Moldark, if one chooses to follow Zamorak, the god will spread chaos and aid in accepting power when offered. He will give those who join him various tasks to complete in addition to providing them with a banner of Zamorak and a Book of the Gods. The title "[Name] of Zamorak" may be activated through this emissary.

After Zamorak's defeat during The Battle of Lumbridge, and after his recovery, Moldark works alongside Moia to salvage the remnant of his army during the battle. [1]

Moldark will also return the communication device if players lose or destroy it.


  • Moldark's robes are strikingly similar to Zamorak's, with the main difference being Moldark is more corpulent.



  1. ^ K'ril Tsutsaroth, "Missing, Presumed Death", RuneScape. "Moia and Moldark, alongside others, are left to recover what's left of our forces while the Saradominists lick their wounds."
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