Buying feathers (unstable due to release of Packs of feathers)
Profit per instance
Buying feathers
77,000 per instance
Activity time
8 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
24 hours
Effective profit
577,500 per hour
Skill requirements Quest requirements
None, recommended skills below increase profit
68 Fishing (access to Fishing Guild)
None, recommended quests below increase profit
Animal Magnetism
The Fremennik Trials
Shilo Village
The Jack of Spades
As a First Resort
Item requirements Other requirements
None, recommended items below decrease activity time
Slayer Cape for Shilo Village teleport
Karamja gloves 3 or higher for Shilo Village teleport
Ring of wealth for Miscellania teleport
Skills necklace for Fishing Guild teleport
Fishing Guild Teleport for Fishing Guild teleport
Vis Wax for quick teleport to lodestones
None, membership increases profit
Experience gained Inputs
None 66,000 Coins 10000 Coins
Location Outputs
Various shops around RuneScape 11,000 x Feather Feather (143,000)
Feathers are used in arrow making and fishing, and are always in demand on the Grand Exchange. They are much cheaper in shops than on the GE, so a profit can be made easily by buying feathers from shops and selling on the GE. The update on 20 August 2018 introducing feather packs made this money making method unstable.
  1. Teleport to the Lumbridge lodestone, and purchase all 1000 feathers from Lumbridge Fishing Supplies, just northwest of the lodestone.
  2. Teleport to the Port Sarim lodestone, and do the same with Gerrant's Fishy Business immediately north of the lodestone.
  3. Teleport to the Al Kharid lodestone, and run south to the Shantay Pass. Buy 1000 feathers from Shantay.
  4. Teleport to the Draynor Village lodestone and go north into Draynor Manor. Purchase 1000 feathers from Ava (after completing Animal Magnetism).
  5. Teleport to the Ardougne lodestone and head north-west into the Fishing Guild (with 68 Fishing or above). Players with a Skills necklace or a Fishing Guild Teleport can use these to teleport to the Fishing Guild. Buy 1000 feathers from the Fishing Guild Shop.
  6. Teleport to the Fremennik Province lodestone and head west into the Rellekka marketplace. Buy 1000 from Fremennik Fishmonger (after completing The Fremennik Trials).
  7. Teleport to the Oo'glog lodestone and purchase 1000 feathers from the Gift Shop inside the city (after completing As a First Resort).
  8. With access to Etceteria, purchase 1000 feathers from the Island Fishmonger on Etceteria Fish. A planted Spirit tree can be used to get there quicker.
  9. With access to Miscellania, purchase 1000 feathers from the Island Fishmonger. The Ring of wealth can be used to quickly teleport there.
  10. With access to Shilo Village, purchase 1000 feathers from Fernahei's Fishing Hut. Players with Karamja gloves 3 or higher can use them to quickly teleport there. Alternatively, the Slayer Cape teleport to Duradel (Lapalok after While Guthix Sleeps) can be used.
  11. With access to Menaphos, purchase 1000 feathers from Meena. The Menaphos Lodestone can be used to quickly teleport there.
Sell everything on the Grand Exchange, or use to fletch headless arrows for more profit.

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