Casting Bones to Bananas
Requirements Bones To Bananas






Profit Experience gained
231,700 per hour

19,500 Magic

Inputs Outputs

21,870 x Bones Bones (5,817,420)
780 x Nature rune Nature rune (315,900)

21,870 x Banana Banana (6,386,040)

Bananas are primarily used for the Summoning to create Fruit Bat familiar.

One can cast Bones To Bananas on an inventory of bones to turn them into bananas. Set up one of your quick presets to withdraw 27 bones and 1 nature rune. Cast Bones To Banana, which will cause the whole inventory to turn into bananas. Open the bank, click the Quick Preset, and repeat. When playing at maximum efficiency, up to 780 spells can be cast per hour, for 21,870 bones.

If positioned correctly it is possible to have the Quick Preset and the banker position in the same location, combined with putting Bones To Bananas on a easily spam-able hot key it has been tested that more then 10,384 bones can be made to bananas in the time span of 12 minutes and 30 seconds, which totals around 49,843 Bones converted in an hour, equalling a profit of approximately 549,450.

The Explorer's ring 4 gives a 50% chance of casting Bones To Bananas for free for up to 10 times per day, reducing the cost of this money-making method somewhat.

To maximise efficiency, add the Bones To Bananas spell to "1" on the action bar. Click on the banker, press 1, and 1 again, and repeat.

Using monkey bones in place of bones will result in higher profit.

Members can use a Mud battlestaff, which will remove the cost of earth runes and use 1 more slot for converting bones. This makes it even more efficient.

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