Collecting blue dragon scales
Requirements Collecting blue dragon scales

70+ Agility recommended
60 Dungeoneering recommended
67 Summoning recommended


Dusty key (if not 70 Agility)





Profit Experience gained
1,942,800 per hour


Inputs Outputs

1.33 x War tortoise pouch War tortoise pouch (45,952.83)

800 x Blue dragon scale Blue dragon scale (1,988,800)

Blue dragon scales spawn in the Taverley Dungeon and the Taverley dungeon resource dungeon, and they are currently worth 2,486 coins each. The better place to collect them is the resource dungeon as they're closer together and there are more of them, but that area requires 60 Dungeoneering to access. Without the resource dungeon, you can collect about 550 scales per hour, compared to 800 inside. 70 Agility is also recommended to avoid having to traverse Taverley Dungeon, which would require a dusty key. A Beast of Burden like the spirit terrorbird, war tortoise or pack yak are also very helpful to cut down on banking time.

Teleport to Taverley using the lodestone, and head south to the dungeon entrance. Enter the obstacle pipe if you have 70 Agility, or otherwise go the long way around (see Map:Taverley Dungeon for details). Enter the resource dungeon if you're able, and start collecting the dragon scales, being careful not to attack any blue dragons by accident. Pick up all of the scales (they respawn very quickly), storing them in your familiar as needed. When your inventory is full, teleport back to Taverley, bank the scales, and repeat. Grinding the scales is usually not worth the time taken and is not recommended, as the scale dust costs much less than the regular scales.

The Dungeoneering cape can be used to teleport directly to the Taverley dungeon blue dragons unlimited times, dramatically reducing trip time. Further, it is also possible to use Dragon trinkets to teleport directly there, at a cost of 5 trinkets per teleport, while this method will also reduce trip time, it should be considered whether the trinkets could be better used by the player.

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