Crafting air runes (high level)
Requirements Crafting armadyl runes

99 Runecrafting Recommended
93 Summoning Recommended
75 Magic Recommended





Profit Experience gained
5,508,800 per hour

34,595 Runecrafting

Inputs Outputs

6,290 Pure essence Pure essence (188,700)
1.5 x Abyssal titan pouch Abyssal titan pouch (15,538.5)
2.5 Law rune Law runes (1,425)
2.5 Cosmic rune Cosmic runes (1,030)
5 Astral rune Astral runes (2,075)

63,529 Air rune Air runes (5,717,610)

At average speed, one can do about 85 trips to the air altar using Skills necklaces to teleport to the Cooking Guild, running to the air altar, crafting runes, and then teleporting with TokKul-Zo. Pouches will need to be recharged as they degrade. Using Repair Rune Pouch when they degrade is the most efficient way when crafting air runes.

Using the small through giant Runecrafting pouches, and an Abyssal titan, you can hold up to 74 essence per trip, resulting in a profit of 64,380 coins per trip.

Wearing Explorer's ring 2 or higher grants a 10% chance to craft an extra rune, also giving extra experience. Not wearing the ring results in a loss of 3,145 experience and 56,610 coins per hour.

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