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For an alternative method, see crafting nature runes through the Abyss.
Crafting nature runes with spirit graahk
Requirements Crafting nature runes with spirit graahk.png

91 Runecrafting recommended
57 Summoning required


The Elder Kiln
Hero's Welcome strongly recommended
Lunar Diplomacy for pouch repair spells



Profit Experience gained
3,647,000 per hour

42,120 Runecrafting

Inputs Outputs

4,680 x Pure essence.png Pure essence (140,400)
1.2 x Spirit graahk pouch.png Spirit graahk pouch (3,358)

9,360 x Nature rune.png Nature runes (3,790,800)

The spirit graahk's teleport function will take you to a hunter area west of the Nature Altar. Using that along with the TokKul-Zo allows round trips of crafting nature runes to take about 40 seconds, totaling around 90 trips per hour. To start fill your medium through giant pouches from inside the bank interface using mouse keys. Then fill the remaining open inventory slots with pure essence via a quick preset "2" that contains filled pouches and a filled inventory of pure essence. Quickly interact with your familiar by placing the Familiar Options that has left click options set to interact in the action bar and key binding to 2. Then teleport with the graahk by hitting 2 twice. Then run east until you reach the Nature Altar, go inside, and craft the runes, essence inside pouches would also be used automatically. Teleport to The Fight Kiln by placing the TokKul-Zo ring in the action bar and key binding it to 4, pressing 4 twice, and then you can bank. After initial setup of the action bar you simply fill your pouches, spam 2 until you teleport to the hunter area with your Spirit graahk, run to the altar, craft the runes, spam 4 until you return to the bank, and repeat.

It is recommended that you do Hero's Welcome due to the 5% bonus to the amount of runes you can craft, improving coins per hour by 189540. It is also recommended that you use any extra Runespan points that you may have on purchasing massive pouches. It is not advised to farm Runespan points for the pouches though, since it takes quite a while to acquire the points. In addition, the Infinity ethereal outfit can store 12 essence. However, if you do not wish to purchase the massive rune pouches, you will still make roughly 3,200,000 gp per hour with small-giant rune pouches and the Infinity ethereal outfit.

This method has pros and cons over the crafting nature runes through the Abyss. The cons of this method is that you lose the 250% or 350% bonus xp you could receive from the Abyss, spirit graahks can be hard to purchase on the GE, and you lose the ability to use familiars who store pure essence. The pros of this method is the elimination of the time spent changing out jewellery, elimination of the obstacles involved with the Abyss, and the elimination of all risk involved with the Abyss whether it be from players or mobs.

Occasionally, pouches will degrade requiring the need to repair them (except massive pouches). This can be done by using either Contact NPC and talking to the Dark mage or casting Repair Rune Pouch directly on your degraded pouch; both can be found in the Lunar spellbook. Alternatively if spending Runespan points, the most efficient way of doing this is by wielding a Runic staff charged with Contact NPC.

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