Crafting smoke runes
Requirements Air Altar inside

15 Runecrafting (90 recommended)
93 Summoning Recommended
75 Magic Recommended





Profit Experience gained
4,860,200 per hour

51,297 Runecrafting

Inputs Outputs

6,035 x Pure essence Pure essence (181,050)
6,035 x Fire rune Fire runes (959,565)
172.2 x Astral rune Astral runes (71,463)
2.1 x Law rune Law runes (1,197)
2.1 x Cosmic rune Cosmic runes (865)
1.4 x Abyssal titan pouch abyssal titan pouch (14,813)
5.7 x Binding necklace Binding necklaces (10,660)

6,035 Smoke rune Smoke runes (6,101,385)

At average speed, one can do about 85 trips to the air altar using Skills necklaces to teleport to the Cooking Guild, running to the air altar, crafting runes, and then teleporting with TokKul-Zo. Pouches will need to be recharged as they degrade. It is recommended to use Repair Rune Pouch when they degrade as this will improve their longevity.

Due to the use of two different necklaces, one necklace will have to occupy an inventory space.

Side note: One can about every 3rd run to the altar from cooking guild, dash to the goblins wandering about with shoulder barge, instantly killing them and taking about 2-3 seconds off the run.

The possible profit can be substantially increased with the infinity ethereal outfit (as it holds an additional 12 essences) and a massive pouches that hold an additional 17.

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