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Creating equipment siphons
Requirements Invention Guild entrance.png

27 Invention
80 Crafting
80 Smithing
80 Divination






Unlocked the ability to make rings of slaying from a slayer master

Profit Experience gained
2,342,500 per hour

22,097 Invention
6,525 Crafting

Inputs Outputs

659 x Acadia logs.png Acadia logs (296,550)
474 x Magic shortbow.png Magic shortbows (563,586)
435 x Gold bar.png Gold bars (508,080)
435 Coins.png Coins

12.5 x Equipment siphon.png Equipment siphons (3,711,150)

Equipment siphons are used to drain item experience in order to obtain Invention experience without destroying the item.

This method requires buying enchanted gems and making them into rings of slaying, followed by disassembling them along with magic shortbows and acadia logs to acquire the components necessary for creating the equipment siphons. It is recommended to purchase enchanted gems from Turael or Spria in Taverley and Mazchna in Canifis. This will allow for 600 gems to be bought every 24 hours. The rings can then be crafted using Edgeville's furnace or by using a portable forge.

Using this method it takes around 37 minutes to purchase, craft and disassemble 435 rings of slaying, resulting in 62-63 precious components. Disassembling the acadia logs and magic shortbows will take just under 23 minutes to do, resulting in 62-63 dexterous components and 625 simple parts. Creating the equipment siphons takes under half a minute at an inventor's workbench.

Utilising this method over multiple hours can increase efficiency by cutting down travel time. Using this method also outputs extras of several invention components.

If a player does not have the requirements to craft rings of slaying or has surpassed the shops' supply, other jewellery can be disassembled for precious components. Doing so will increase costs but also increase the amount of siphons created. For an example, see Money making guide/Creating siphons without slayer rings.

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