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Creating equipment siphons without slayer rings
Requirements Invention Guild entrance.png

27 Invention
80 Crafting
80 Smithing
80 Divination







Profit Experience gained
1,472,200 per hour

28,018 Invention

Inputs Outputs

777 x Acadia logs.png Acadia logs (349,650)
561 x Magic shortbow.png Magic shortbows (667,029)
1,661 x Opal amulet.png Opal amulets (1,905,167)

14.8 x Equipment siphon.png Equipment siphons (4,394,002)

Equipment siphons are used to drain item experience in order to obtain Invention experience without destroying the item.

This method requires disassembling opal amulets, magic shortbows and acadia logs to acquire the components necessary for creating the equipment siphons. Disassembling the opal amulets, acadia logs, and magic shortbows will take just under 60 minutes to do, resulting in 74 precious components, 74 dexterous components and 740 simple parts. Creating the equipment siphons takes under half a minute at an inventor's workbench.

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