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Crafting teleport to house tabs
Requirements Crafting teleport tablets.png

40 Magic



Profit Experience gained
1,428,800 per hour

18,750 Magic

Inputs Outputs

625 x Soft clay.png Soft clay (261,875)
625 x Law rune.png Law runes (356,250)
625 x Earth rune.png Earth runes (11,250)

625 x Teleport to house.png Teleport to house (2,058,125)

Teleport to house tabs are worth 3,293 coins, and are generally in high demand, as they're one of the most versatile teleportation items. The tablets are made on mahogany eagle lectern in a player-owned house study. This does not have to be your house. Using a ring of duelling to bank at Castle Wars, and using the house teleport spell to access your house quickly, you can create an inventory of 26 house teleport tablets per trip (two inventory slots are used for the earth and law runes).

If you have a portal chamber in your house, or a mounted amulet of glory in a quest hall, those can form an alternative teleportation method for banking. The exact time per trip varies with the location of the lecturn (closer to the entrance portal saves time), but on average, a round trip, counting banking, takes approximately 150 seconds, for a total of 625 teleport to house tablets per hour, worth 1,428,750 (after deductions).

An alternative to banking is simply using a servant.

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