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Cutting elder logs
Requirements Elder tree.png

90 Woodcutting (higher recommended)
33 Summoning recommended
22 Invention recommended


Dragon hatchet or Crystal hatchet highly recommended
Beaver pouch recommended
Lumberjack aura recommended
God banner recommended



Profit Experience gained
1,325,300 per hour

48,750 Woodcutting

Inputs Outputs


150 x Elder logs.png Elder logs (1,325,250)

Elder trees take 5 minutes to cut down and 10 minutes to regrow, this means you need to select 3 elder tree locations and move between those 3. It is advised to bring equipment such as amulets to teleport you to the bank to store all logs held when you move to the next tree. You will get 12 - 16 logs on average per tree (per 5 minutes) which means you bank once per 2 trees. There is a method that does not require any amulets to teleport you. This method requires going from the Yanille elder tree to the Varrock elder tree and then to the Edgeville elder tree. After you cut down the Yanille elder, cut the Varrock elder. Then go to Edgeville and bank then run south to cut that elder. After you cut that elder, run back north to bank and then start the process over again at Yanille. Various boost can be used to increase log cutting speed:

  • A Beaver gives an invisible Woodcutting boost of +2 which may give you more logs per minute. Beaver pouches are inexpensive, so it is worth it to use them. However their multichop special move does not work on Elder trees.
  • The Lumberjack auras increase the odds of successfully cutting a log.
  • An augmented hatchet with the honed perk increases the success of gathering logs by 2% per rank.
  • Any God banner can boost +2 visible woodcutting boost for 30 minutes once a day.
  • Perfect juju woodcutting potion or perfect plus potion could increase log outcome by 5% every hour per dose (or 4 hours/dose with perfect plus).

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