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Cutting granite
Requirements Granite cutting.gif



Chisel on the tool belt





Profit Experience gained
2,100,600 per hour


Inputs Outputs

1,800 x Granite (2kg).png Granite (2kg) (7,403,400)

7,200 x Granite (500g).png Granite (500g) (9,504,000)

Granite is the tertiary ingredient for granite lobster familiars, and while any size granite can be used for this, the 500 gram pieces are the cheapest and most in demand. You can make money by splitting the 2 kilogram pieces into four 500 gram pieces, for a profit of 1,167 each. Buy some Granite (2kg) on the Grand Exchange (they are sometimes difficult to purchase), and withdraw seven of them at a time. Craft the granite into 500 gram pieces, bank, and repeat. Each load takes about 12 seconds, so cutting around 2000 pieces of granite per hour can be expected. (Using a bank preset and putting the granite on your action bar can be immensely helpful) .

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