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Cutting logs
Requirements Cutting logs.png

31+ Woodcutting recommended


Adamant or rune hatchet recommended
Seers' headband recommended





Profit Experience gained
160,100 per hour

13,750 Woodcutting

Inputs Outputs


550 x Logs.png Logs (160,050)

Many trees may be found to the west of the Port Sarim docks, near the lodestone. Each tree gives a single log worth 291 when cut, and respawns relatively quickly (in under a minute). Cutting the logs and banking them at the deposit box next to the Monk of Entrana can be a fairly profitable way to make money with low skills.

Teleport to Port Sarim using the lodestone network and start chopping all of the regular trees in the area. When your inventory is full, run north-east onto the docks and bank the logs. This should take about three minutes per load of 28 logs with a decent Woodcutting level, so you may be able to cut more than 500 logs per hour. When finished, sell the logs on the Grand Exchange. Any Seer's Headband will double logs received from cutting a tree, and double your profit.

Depending on prices, it may also be worth it to fletch the logs into arrow shafts, potentially yielding 132,000 and making banking unnecessary. See Money making guide/Fletching headless arrows for more information.

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