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Gnome Restaurant
Requirements Playing Gnome Restaurant.png

42 Cooking strongly recommended
66 Magic recommended


Monkey greegree, batta tin, gnomebowl mould, crunchy tray, cocktail shaker, a few gianne dough, teleportation runes, recommended: desert amulet 2 or above (after the medium Desert Tasks)



Profit Experience gained
3,076,400 per hour

5,000 Cooking

Inputs Outputs

5,000 Coins 10000.png Coins (food costs)
5 x Ring of duelling (8).png Ring of duelling (8) (20,485)

0.15 x Gnome goggles.png Gnome goggles (37,282.35)
0.15 x Gnome scarf.png Gnome scarf (2,403,965.25)
30 x Grand seed pod.png Grand seed pod (499,350)
4 x Grimy snapdragon.png Grimy snapdragon (7,156)
4 x Grimy toadflax.png Grimy toadflax (45,000)
0.75 x Loop half of a key.png Loop half of a key] (8,289.75)
75 x Mint cake.png Mint cake (24,675)
0.75 x Tooth half of a key.png Tooth half of a key (8,653.5)
2 x Uncut diamond.png Uncut diamond (9,686)
6 x Uncut emerald.png Uncut emerald (15,330)
4 x Uncut ruby.png Uncut ruby (7,368)
30 x Uncut sapphire.png Uncut sapphire (24,270)
1 x Crushed nest.png Crushed nest (6,833)

Main article: Gnome Restaurant

To start Gnome Restaurant, talk to Gianne Jr on the first floor of the Grand Tree. You will always want to do the hard orders.

He will give you a delivery box and a name of a Gnome to deliver food to.

Making the food

Gianne Jr will tell you whether the Gnome wants crunchies, a batta, a gnomeball, or a cocktail. Click on the respective half-baked mould (obtained by using dough on the moulds, then baking) and hover over the product you need to deliver. Ingredients will be listed below, which can easily be bought from Hudo.

The only two ingredients that can not be bought (sliced and chunked fruit can be obtained by right clicking the specific fruit) are king worms and toad's legs. The quickest way to obtain these are from purchasing them from the Grand Exchange, but sometimes this can take a while. Perhaps the easiest method is to obtain the items yourself. Toad's legs can be obtained from picking up toads in the swamp area north-west of the Grand Tree and then picking off the legs. King worms can be obtained from the same area.

It is generally much faster to pre-cook a few of each of the food items in bulk, so you can withdraw the items from the bank instead of having to make a new one each time.

Delivering the food

It is possible to be asked to deliver a specific food to a gnome you cannot access. For example, if you have not completed Troll Romance, you can not access Brambickle. You can cancel the order, but will have to wait 5 minutes to obtain another.

Gnome Location Method to reach Requirements
Ambassador Ferrnook On the first floor of Varrock Palace, in the area around the stairs. None
Ambassador Gimblewap On the first floor of Ardougne castle. West of East Ardougne. None
Ambassador Spanfipple On the first floor of Falador castle. None
Brambickle On Trollweiss Mountain, near the exit of the Ice Trolls cave. Completed Troll Romance
Captain Bleemadge Glider pilot on top of White Wolf Mountain. None
Captain Daerkin Centre of the stands in the Duel Arena. None
Captain Dalbur Al Kharid Gnome glider pilot. None
Captain Klemfoodle Karamja Gnome glider pilot. None
Captain Ninto In the Dwarven bar beneath White Wolf Mountain. Completed Fishing Contest
Garkor On Ape Atoll near Awowogei north-east of the island. Sufficient progress in Monkey Madness.
G.L.O. Caranock In a hut at the Ship Yard on Karamja. Sufficient progress in The Grand Tree
Gnormadium Avlafrim Feldip Hills Gnome glider pilot. None
Hazelmere Archipelago east of Yanille, upstairs in his hut. None
King Bolren Inside the Tree Gnome Village next to the Spirit Tree. None
Lieutenant Schepbur Battlefield of Khazard, just outside the Tree Gnome Village.
  • Gnome glider
  • Spirit tree
  • Ardougne cloak (any number) teleport to monastery.
Penwie West of the Gnome Glider on Karamja, south of the Jade vine maze with Jogres. None
Professor Imblewyn In the Magic Guild, ground floor. 66 Magic (63 with a Wizard's mind bomb).
Professor Manglethorp West side of main Keldagrim hall. Started The Giant Dwarf
Professor Onglewip On the ground floor of Wizards' Tower, south of Draynor Village. None
Wingstone Between the Agility Pyramid and Nardah. None

Returning to Gianne Jr

The simplest way to return back and get another order - assuming there are no nearby spirit trees or gnome gliders, of course - is simply using a grand seed pod, if any have been obtained. Alternatively, use a hot air balloon with one magic log if one is nearby, or teleport to Mobilising Armies with a ring of duelling, then spirit tree to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Go up the Grand Tree and get another order.


Each delivery will earn you a tip of some kind. The bulk of the money from this method comes from gnome scarves, worth 16,026,435, which are only obtainable from Captain Ninto and Captain Daerkin as about a 1/20 reward. The other unique items, Gnome goggles, Grand seed pods and mint cakes, make up most of the rest of the profit, and miscellaneous runes, gems and herbs make up the rest.

With access to all teleportation methods, it's possible to do more than 30 deliveries per hour. Unfortunately, some delivery targets are more common than others, with Ninto and Daerkin being far less likely to be chosen than other targets. Because of this, most of the money from this method will come from the rewards (herbs and uncut gemstones) received from other targets.

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