Harvesting incandescent energy
Requirements Harvesting incandescent energy

95 Divination (99 recommended)





Profit Experience gained
3,280,000 per hour

15,000 Divination

Inputs Outputs


8,000 x Incandescent energy 1000 Incandescent energy (3,280,000)

Incandescent energy is usually in demand for those who want the extra Divination experience from converting memories with energy and those who create divine charges or augmentors. 95 is required to harvest incandescent energy, but having level 99 gives the best chances of harvesting enriched incandescent memories. Wear a full elder divination outfit or the divination energy outfit, divination memory outfit, or the divination chronicle outfit if you do not have it; summon a nightmare muspah; and activate your highest tier enrichment aura to maximise energy gain. Remember that every 20 minutes starting on the hour, an enriched wisp will spawn. Harvest it for a guaranteed supply of enriched memories. Enriched memories can be converted to twice the energy that normal memories can.

For maximum profit, convert all memories into energy (the first option). Converting memories to energy produces energies at approximately 8,000 per hour.

An alternative to this is to gather energy after the Guthixian Cache boost. By doing this, one can gather 4500 energies by pregathering before entering the cache in 20 minutes while using a Nightmare muspah for a profit of 1,751,510 per time or 5,254,530 per hour.

A completed Elder divination outfit gives a 7% chance of getting double memories and a 5% chance of getting quintuples energies when converting.

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